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January 4, 2017

Team Endpoint find new player in form of HudzG

Team Endpoint have today finally announced the news of who their illusive fifth player will be to join the squad. After a few months searching, looking at various standings, they have finally found the perfect fit for the team to help them in their quest for domestic domination and European pedigree.

After a decent performance and run at insomnia59 back in December with stand-in Swedish player, Jesper “Jesp” Johansson, Endpoint finally can get moving into 2017 with a fresh approach. Spearheaded by Ian “Immi” Harding, the team have been quietly trialling different players in the hopes of finding the right player. Today, they announced over Twitter, one [...]

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May 25, 2016

Purple is a beautiful colour: VATIC unveil new lineup

An old name in the scene made an announcement at the beginning of the month – that organisation was VATIC and with it a returned a familiar shade of purple to the world. At that point the organisation had a CSGO team on their books, featuring team founder Matt Litherland, who are set to stay together but won’t be representing VATIC in an official capacity any more.

James “PEZ” Perrot lines up alongside his team with VATIC

Now VATIC have announced the new line-up to represent their organisation and keeping to the theme of picking up former Team Dignitas players they add another as they welcome the roster that went by the [...]

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April 29, 2016

HellRaisers surprise Virtus.Pro

Next up we head into the winner’s match of Group A, where we see the mixed nationality team of HellRaisers head up against the Poles of Virtus.Pro. They see themselves set to face off on Mirage (VP), Cobblestone (HR) and Inferno (decider).

First up we get Mirage – the map we saw VP choose and one they’ve been known to play well on. It started out in a completely opposite fashion to how you would’ve expected it to go as HellRaisers, headed up by new boy bondik and starlet oskar, took the first seven rounds without any response from the Polish team. VP showed what could’ve been a resurgence as they picked up a set of three rounds to attempt to make [...]

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April 28, 2016

Dignitas ease past Selfless

For the third game of day 1 here in London we saw the newly reformed Selfless, a newly branded organisation, coming up against Dignitas. The first map was Inferno, with it being Selfess’s map pick we expected much more then what we saw from the American squad. Throughout the first half, we consistently saw the Danish powerhouse of K0nfig dominate the CT side and push their way towards the 9-6 T side they reached on Selfless’s map pick.

Selfless couldn’t break through the Dignitas ranks

Going onto their CT side, Dignitas ensured the first map win by setting a flawless record on the counter-terrorist side and finishing the map 16-6 [...]

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