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July 25, 2019

Team Endpoint Reveal New Roster

After announcing a “fresh start” Team Endpoint have unveiled their all-new Counter Strike roster.

New lineup, new Jersey! Please welcome our CSGO team:@jenkocs 🇬🇧@russ_CS 🇬🇧@robiinCS 🇸🇪@puls3csgo 🇬🇧@kryptixcsgo 🇬🇧 Coach: @immicsgo 🇬🇧

What do you think of the new Jerseys?👀

— Endpoint (@teamendpoint) July 25, 2019

Featuring a number of established talents from the UK scene, Swedish IGL Robin “Robiin” Sjögren rounds out the line-up while Ian “Immi” Harding will coach the team.

The new-look roster will most likely make their official tournament debut after the ESL [...]

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January 2, 2018

Endpoint release FASHR, focus on a full UK roster

With the New Year starting off strongly, Endpoint have announced changes to their CS:GO roster post-Gfinity. In an update post, where they announce the organisation as a whole will not be returning to the Gfinity Elite Series and the release of their Street Fighter V team, they also announced that Dion “FASHR” Derksen is set to leave the organisation.

A statement on the Endpoint website said: “Following a somewhat disappointing exit in the semi final of Season 2 of the Elite Series, we have made the decision to focus solely on a UK lineup and part ways with our Dutch player.” The team is set to continue living in their team house for the foreseeable [...]

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September 25, 2016

CEX change four players for fresh start

CEX had a disappointing run at i58 where they only managed a 13-16th finish. This caused team captain, Andrew “resu” Robson, to re-evaluate the lineup and try to get closer to the victory they achieved at i56.

This player exchange sees four players removed from the i58 roster, leaving resu with a clean slate to build on. This means that Chronic, EB, AndrewIsGod and Rob4 are all left without a home making room for resu‘s new player choices.

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January 6, 2016

CAZ eSports announce Surreal & MiNi

Yesterday, CAZ eSports decided to announce their fully fledged roster heading into 2016. It had been widely speculated since the fateful weekend recently in December, that Surreal after winning insomnia56 with Team CeX, would be joining up with the team he helped beat in the Best-Of-Five Grand Final.

All the rumours were made official yesterday with the announcement that they had finalised their roster for 2016 moving ahead. After a relatively lengthy stay for Jamie “Keita” Hall, he finally says goodbye to his former team mates. With Jamie making way, one of the biggest fraggers at insomnia56 has finally stepped up and moved to CAZ eSports in the aftermath of the [...]

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