Monumentalis lose UK CSGO squad?

by Michael MoriartyDecember 22, 2015

Word has spread down the grapevine that Monumentalis have lost their CSGO team just 19 days into their 12 month contract.

The team has managed a fairly good result during their time in Monumentalis, picking up a 5-6th finish at Insomnia 56, beating their seed in an already memorable tournament. Before joining the news site, the team had competed under the name “All4” and had picked up some notable results, where they came to the attention of some after drawing with EZSKINS during the i55 group stage.

It is also rumoured that the squad has faced some changes as part of the ongoing UK Shuffle. This includes a member of the recently deceased EZSKINS lineup joining the team, with Luke “fearLess” Morris reportedly replacing Dudley “dudley” Morris who was already looking to move away from the roster. This would leave the squad looking like this:

  • Elliot “EB” Bidmead
  • Henry “chron1c” Thornton
  • Luke “fearLess” Morris
  • Max “maxyb” Bidmead
  • Tramaine “xfp” Stanley

This new addition could potentially leapfrog the teams’ progress in this fragmented UK Scene, allowing newer players to mix with the more well known faces of the scene to push forward in tournaments. It’s up in the air at the moment but this will be one exciting line-up to see things from in the future.

We have approached Monumentalis to get their side of events but they dismissed the rumours due to the team being under contract, and said that they would be making an announcement after Christmas clearing everything up.

Whatever the outcome, we will stay on top of this to bring you the whole story once it unfolds.

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