The UKCSGO Roadmap

by Adam HeathJuly 20, 2018

Over the last 6 months, I had put UKCSGO to one side to focus on other areas and left it to run itself. Clearly, in that time it did more limping than running which is why I am putting it back into my main focus. With this come a whole host of new content, opportunities and tournaments your way.


First off, let’s start off with some good news. UKCSGO has solely run on volunteers and submitted news since we launched. With the planned expansions we are now excited to announce that we are now offering a few openings for paid writing positions. These positions will pay per article, with the rate varying depending on experience, but it could work out to put some extra cash in your pocket. This is a great opportunity for any budding freelance journalists to get their work out there. They will have freedom over pieces they wish to write, as well as being assigned tournament coverage. The number of vacancies depends on the number of applicants and their availability but in order to get UKCSGO back to what it was, I’d imagine we would have a team of three to start with.

Key skills/points desired:

  • Excellent English writing skills
  • Passion for CSGO and the UK scene
  • Ability to work in a team and communicate via Discord
  • Able to travel to events to cover live tournaments
  • Knowledge of WordPress
  • Social media experience

For more information, track me down (Blanks) on the UKCSGO Discord.


UKCSGO has a long history running tournaments, for example, the UKCSGO Weekly Cup and the County Championship to name a few. Well, we will be bringing these back. The UKCSGO Weekly Cup will be returning to our FACEIT page in the very near future. We are conducting a Straw Poll so you can have your say on what day this should be run on. Shall we revert back to the original Friday night, or the later-adopted Thursday night? Let us know what you’d prefer.

We aim to bring back streams for the weekly cups and so will be on the lookout for upcoming casters looking to gain experience and exposure. If this sounds right up your street, then get in contact via Discord or the contact form on the left side of our site.

Next up – the UKCSGO County Championship. I have lost count how many times I’ve been asked when this is returning – and that’s just from Neggies. The highly anticipated return is on the horizon. We are currently in talks with some people to make this year bigger and better than the last one, as well as making the whole process run smoother. There are still a lot of talks to be had and planning required, but it is pretty much top of the To-Do list at the moment.

Lastly, sponsored tournaments. We have already trialled running one of these events for Astro Gaming, but now we will be opening the doors to running tournaments for other sponsors. These events will pop up as and when they come around, but there will be lots of notice once any tournament sign-up’s open so make sure you keep an eye on our social media.

Contacting Us

In the past, people have needed to get hold of me directly but there’s been no clear way to do that. If you didn’t already have me on various instant messengers and hadn’t come across my Twitter (@Blankzinga), then people would try a number of ways to contact UKCSGO that have a range of 0% to 30% chance of me seeing. Twitter DMs of the UKCSGO account are actively monitored by a number of people and so there is no certainty that I will see them personally unless alerted to them. To resolve this and improve communication between the scene and this site, we have implemented a contact form to the left side of the site. This form gets you straight into my inbox. There is also the UKCSGO Discord where you can find me and all of our writers, as well as a lot of community members if you have any general questions.

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