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July 20, 2018

The UKCSGO Roadmap

Over the last 6 months, I had put UKCSGO to one side to focus on other areas and left it to run itself. Clearly, in that time it did more limping than running which is why I am putting it back into my main focus. With this come a whole host of new content, opportunities and tournaments your way.

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March 8, 2017

Reason Gaming announce roster changes

After announcing their return to the UK CS:GO scene at the end of 2016 with what was planned to be a stable roster, things changed rather quickly for the side in Red. With holidays for some of the players and others leaving the team, the first couple months weren’t as easy as predicted. Now, with players back they’re looking to get back on track.

First off, in news that’s been a long time coming, Miran “SpeedyG” Hoyle, Tom “vertiGo” Rockcliffe and Mitchell “m1tch1” Richards have all been removed from the team for a variety of reasons. This led the remaining two players, Bradley”Hoodlum” Ratcliff and Dudley “dudley” Morris to, after [...]

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December 23, 2016

UKGT announces changes to their format

UKGT have announced that they will be dropping two of the qualifiers for their premier season, and are reducing the number of teams in the final stages from 16, to 10. The main reason behind this change is to prevent a clash with ESL UK’s EPS qualifiers, which they announced earlier this week.

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February 29, 2016

Team CeX lose two

It’s been just over a week since epic.SEVENTEEN, and with quite a few changes in the scene already, Team CeX are the latest to trade players.

Earlier this evening, Team CeX member Kristians “CINDER” Bogdanovs wrote on Twitter to confirm that Scott “kARMApangya” Campbell & James “FISHER” Fisher have both been released from the team, there have been no outright explanations of why considering Scott & Kristians have played for many many years.

Team discussing future moves at epic.SEVENTEEN

Despite the disappointing performance at epic.SEVENTEEN, the team which was spearheaded [...]

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