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UKCSGO Rankings Recap, 22/11/2023

The Last Resort break into the top five, Ex-Raptors maintain the top spot.

by Dafydd

In this week’s UKCSGO Rankings there has been plenty of movement within both the top and bottom half the table. Many of the teams will be looking to take their final chance to rise significantly up the rankings as Season 0 of UKIC Division 3 is coming to an end next week.

Top 10

The top four teams have remained the same this month as Ex-Raptors, Verdant, Ex-Coalesce, and Endpoint all retain their respective spots, below them there has been plenty of movement. dripmen, the orgless roster containing Fraser “Frazeh” Sollom and Kirk “Tadpole” Stephens, has lost their place in the top five for the first time in the rankings site’s existence, which was setup this month.

They have been replaced with the recently signed team, The Last Resort. The roster had quite an interesting week as they were both dropped by K10 and picked up by TLR in the last seven days.

Elsewhere in the top 10, DuckDuckGOOSE have continued to climb up the ladder. Last week they went from #10 to #9 and now they have risen another two positions to find themselves in the #7 spot. The squad, which includes former Verdant player Anthony “BehinDx” Luscombe, finished 4th in UKIC’s top division and secured themselves a place in the UKIC Division 1 Quarter-Finals in their journey to qualify for LAN.

Souls-Land recently made their first appearance on LAN at EPIC40, securing a top four finish and putting themselves on the UK CS map. Their friendly attitude and cracked mechanics made them a team worth rooting for and many people are keen to see them return to LAN once more. However, that return won’t be at the UKIC LAN next month as they failed to make it through the group stage. The Chinese team recently substituted Xuchen “Kisynergy” Duan for Deg1l and this week have fallen two spots in the ranking, sitting in 10th place.

The biggest risers

The 23rd best team in UK CS is currently “good for three” who have been competing in UKIC Division 2 and rose five spots this week after getting an FFW against Into The Milk. Unfortunately for them they were unable to secure a playoffs appearance this season, only winning three games out of eight.

I-I-I-_-I-I-I went from 35th to 29th this week, yes that’s a real team name. The UKIC Division 3 side has continued to go undefeated this season in six games played, with just three left they will be looking to secure an invincible run in the first season of UKIC Open.

Another Division 3 team that has had a good season is The Cuddlers. The team currently sit at the top of Group 3 after playing all their games and only losing one, there are still waiting on their opponents to finish their league games, but there is a chance they top their group. This week they have risen seven spots and are the 51st best team in UK Counter-Strike.

Lower down the table MagicalMinions gained 17 spots whilst Decorum Moratur gained 15, putting them at #63 and #64 respectively.

The biggest fallers

At the top end of the rankings PufflePals have fallen four spots. The team recently played together at EPIC40, but have not participated in this season of UKIC other than Euan “synergii” Wilson who is currently competing alongside Crispy Noodles, who sit in the #11 spot.

In the middle of the table, BUCS2, Warwick Roll, and SuperCali have all seen their rankings fall this week. The latter of which has forfeited all their UKIC Varsity games after not being able to field a full team. Just below these teams, Triple Accredited have also struggled this week, falling eight spots to #59.

Further down the table two collegiate teams have fallen 10 places. SU Sharks and UCL Eco Cobras both see themselves on 381 points, making them the 66th and 67th best teams in the UK.


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