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Vexed sign SHEEKEY and co

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After their run to qualify for the UK Masters tournament, KINGZUK has been picked up and signed by Vexed. The squad, led by veteran Jonathan “SHEEKEY” Sheekey, is acquired to act as part of the organisation’s move into the UK esports space, which was led by the acquisition of a Halo 5 roster earlier this month.

The squad have been through some changes over the past couple weeks since qualifying, where the had the help of Alex “Snodz” Byfield in stand-in phase. Since then they’ve been competing in ESEA Main, where they’re currently on a 68th on a 2-3 record. The squad is set to be a secondary roster, as Vexed are set to keep their current French team. The organisation’s aim with the team is to give “the professional structure that players require to develop and take their game to the next level”.

The roster sees experienced talent like SHEEKEY play alongside new-comers to the UK scene like Kyle “Vanity” Garthwaite, who’s been well known as an upcoming FPL star. Garthwaite will also be in attendance at ECS this weekend taking part in the “ECS Pros -v- FPL Rookies” show-match before Sunday’s grand final. The roster is set to be taking part in this season’s UK Masters, with their first game tomorrow night against Reason Gaming, as well as looking forward to the ESL Premiership.

Jonathan “SHEEKEY” Sheekey had this to say on joining the org:

“We have teamed back with Joe and Lumji in what I think is the best option out of UK players there is, with the addition of the UK superstar Vanity I think our chances of taking the number one spot in the UK and progressing further than any UK team has done has huge potential. It will take us time but we are willing to commit to it. Our main goals right now are UK Masters, ESEA Main and ESL UK Premiership. Its going to be a grind for us as we are far behind many teams but i think with the right mindset it wont take long to get back to winning ways. Last of all myself and the team would like to thank Mark for his hard work getting this sorted for us and the rest of the Vexed management for this opportunity, we hope to make you proud and progress together.”

The new Vexed.UK team is:

Jonathan “SHEEKEY” Sheekey
James “Lumji” Webb
Kyle “Vanity” Garthwaite
Joe “JT” Talbot
Shane “Shaney” Smith

The full announcement can be found on Vexed’s website here.

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